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How is my artwork packaged?

When your work of art is finished, it is wrapped in acid-free glassine paper and safely packaged. But what does that mean exactly?

Hand holding parcel

Six steps to secure your artwork

  1. The work of art is attached to a piece of foam board.

  2. It is then covered with acid-free glassine paper to prevent smudging.

  3. A second piece of foam board is placed on top, creating a sandwich that protects the artwork from bending.

  4. The envelope containing the care instructions, the certificate of authenticity and the reproduction print is taped to the top piece of foam board.

  5. This is then placed in a sturdy cardboard envelope designed for this type of content. The envelope is sealed and a "Fragile" warning sticker is placed on top.

  6. Then the parcel is measured and weighed to determine the exact shipping cost and a courier label is attached. Now it is ready to be picked up by the courier.

Content of the envelope

How much are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs for custom portraits depend on the size of the artwork and it’s destination. I can provide you with an estimation upon request but the actual cost will not be known until the completed portrait is packed and weighed. I will invoice you for the cost of delivery once you have given final approval of the portrait.

Courier services and insurance

Depending on the destination I use either DHL Express or UPS to take the parcel safely to you. I always request additional insurance to cover the artwork should it get lost or damaged.

Ready to order your custom-made artwork?

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